Whether you need your dog to be trained or are looking for professional
doggy daycare, you can turn to Dog Town with complete confidence. Our owners have a passion for dogs and the professional
qualifications you desire.

Jon Cain: Owner / Head Trainer

  • Jon has been doing K9 Search and Rescue since 1998. Beginning with Rocky
    Mountain Rescue Dogs, he has certified in Wilderness, Tracking, Water,
    and Avalanche.
  • For the last 21 years, Jon has also been a Canine Search Specialist with
    UT-TF1 as part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He and his K9 Gunny were
    deployed to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Jon and his K9 Daisy deployed to Oso, Washington in
    April 2014 after a massive mudslide.
  • Jon was also an Army Contractor deployed to Afghanistan as a HRD K9 handler/trainer
    for 9 months from 2010 to 2011. As a handler, one of Jon’s responsibilities
    was to manage the dog kennels.
  • Beginning in 1998, Jon has trained and certified with three Search and
    Rescue K9’s and one Human Remains Detection K9.
  • Jon and his Explosive Detection K9 Fiore currently work with Delta Airlines
    in their cargo area.

Theresa Cain: Owner / Trainer

  • Theresa has been assisting Jon for the past 19 years in training his search dogs.
  • In 2011, Theresa attended the “Sit Means Sit School” for remote
    collar training in Las Vegas. She handled this
    training in Salt Lake City while Jon was in Afghanistan.
  • Theresa handles the administrative side of the kennel as well as doing
    continuing training with our clients.
  • Theresa is certified in K9 CPR.

Jon and Theresa have two active Search K9’s, Daisy and Preacher; a
certified drug detection K9, Rocky; Mojo, a star obedience K9; and have
recently added Halo to their pack.

You can learn more about our trainers in our “Training” section.

We are proficient dog handlers!

Not only do Jon and Theresa have a deep love for dogs, their staff, personal
and professional experiences, and training has made the team at Dog Town
expert dog handlers. Whether you want a more obedient puppy, are looking for
therapy companion – crisis K9 education, a daycare for your pet to stretch its leg and play during the day, or
are going away on a trip and need boarding services; Jon and Theresa’s Dog Town is a place you can feel

100% comfortable turning to for help.

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