Do you know how important it is to bathe your pet regularly?

According to the American Humane Association:

  • Matted fur causes serious health issues for a pet
  • Dirt and oils that accumulate under mats can cause painful skin infections
  • Bathing keeps your dog’s skin and fur clean and healthy
  • How frequently you bathe your pet should depend on your dog’s lifestyle,
    breed, and coat type
  • It is also important that your dog have their nails trimmed from time to time

There is nothing quite like a soft, fresh, shiny dog. But we know that
life gets busy and it can be a major pain lugging out all of the equipment
you need to wash your dog, battling your way through the bath, cleaning
up the mess, and putting all of the equipment back. Why not save yourself
time and a mess by bathing your pooch at
Dog Town?

Our Bathing Services: The Best of Both Worlds

We provide everything you need to comfortably bathe your pet. We require
no appointment and there is no time limit. Best of all, we clean up the
mess you make and you leave with a clean and happy pet! We think that
our service provides the best solution because pets tend to “freak
out” when handed off to strangers, and it can be difficult for
you to find the time you need to lay out all of the supplies, bathe your
pet, and clean up the mess. We think it is best when a pet is bathed by
the owner they love and trust, but we help you do this easily! A Do It
Yourself bath is only $15.00.

If you prefer, let us do the work! Let your pet hang out in our
doggie daycare and come home clean and happy after being washed and playing with other dogs in
our facility that is designed to be clean, safe, and fun. Our dog washing includes
ear cleaning, and we can also give your dog a pedicure for an additional
cost. Prices vary according to size:

  • Small (under 15 lbs.) $15.00
  • Medium (15-30 lbs.) $25.00
  • Large (30-50 lbs.) $35.00
  • Extra Large (50+ lbs.) or Extra Fluffy $45.00
  • Nail Trims ala carte $10.00. With a bath $8.00

For more information,
contact Dog Town today
at 801-561-5937.

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